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2604, 2022

Familiarity with the Lord

HOMILY OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS ("Familiarity with the Lord") The disciples were fishermen: indeed, Jesus had called them when [...]

Wednesday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

Jer. 15:10, 16-21 | Ps. 59:2-4, 10-11, 17-18 | Mt. 13:44-46

Have you ever found a treasure?   Did you go on treasure hunts as a child?  Have you ever found some money that you put aside and forgot about?  How did you feel at those times?  What about the feeling of accomplishment when you have worked hard on a problem and finally figured out how to solve it?  All of these moments are trivial when compared to the treasure God has stored up for us.  Both the Epistle and Gospel speak about the result of faithful following of God’s ways.  We may not think that we have a treasure while we walk this earth but we will be greatly surprised when we find it at the moment of death.  Christ attempts to encourage us to save up for the future.  The good deeds and loving actions of today will find their reward in the future.

Take time today to rejoice in all the gifts you have.  Decide how you can use your gifts on behalf of others.  Allow God to reward you rather than seek reward now.  Rejoice in the joy you bring to others.

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