Wednesday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

Ex. 34:29-35 | Ps. 99:5-7, 9 | Mt. 13:44-46

Moses comes down from Mt. Sinai where he has been with the Lord. When he approaches the Israelites, they are afraid because of the radiance that shines on his face. Moses has just had an encounter with the Living God. As a result, his face is radiant.

Jesus continues to teach about the Kingdom of God. He tells us that it is like a treasure buried in the field for which a person goes and sells all he/she has in order to buy the field. He continues to compare the Kingdom to a merchant who finds a great pearl and does the same as the person above. When we have encountered a great treasure, we are filled with great excitement and joy and our whole being, including our face, radiates that joy. This is what happened to Moses. Jesus is trying to teach us that when we encounter God and the Kingdom of God, we will be filled with joy and radiance. We experienced this at our Easter Vigil when all the Catechumens and Candidates became full members of our church.

Jesus is trying to teach us that this experience is for all of us. We need only spend time in listening to God and responding with all of our beings. Take time to be with God in prayer. Allow yourself time to listen and to respond.

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