Thursday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

Jer. 18:1-6 | Ps. 146:1-6 | Mt. 13:47-53

The readings are filled with promise.  We can be sure that God is a promise- keeper.  First, God promises us that He will not give up on us.  As the potter refashions the clay until the product is beautiful, so God will refashion us until we are beautiful.  Second, God promises to continue to search for us regardless of where we run or hide.  Third, we are promised that God will continue to search out for the new and the old within us.  How do you listen to promises?  Do you believe others when they promise to do something for you?  Or have you stopped believing because the promise was not fulfilled?  Today, God invites us to listen with the ears of a child and to believe with the deep wonder and trust of the child.  God will forever be with us and bring about good.   All we have to do is to listen, trust, and be open.

Take time today to recapture the spirit of the child.  Allow yourself to be pliable and let God reform and refashion you into a new being.  Trust that God will bring out the new and the old within you so that you will be Gods favored one.

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