Feast of St. Martha

Ex. 40:16-21, 34-38 | Ps. 84:3-6, 8, 11 | Jn. 11:19-27

Moses erects the Ark of the Covenant as he has been instructed. When the cloud covered the Ark, the Israelites remained in camp. When the cloud moved, the Israelites moved on their journey.

Martha and Mary’s bother, Lazarus has died. They are upset because they sent word to Jesus that Lazarus was very sick and dying. Jesus does go immediately. After four days, Jesus invites his disciples to go with Him to see the family. The apostles wonder why Jesus did not go immediately and Jesus tells them that this is for the better. Martha meets Jesus and asks him why he did not go to see Lazarus and to cure him. Jesus, likewise, asks Martha if she believed. He tells Martha that Lazarus will rise and Martha assures Jesus that she believes that Lazarus will rise again on the last day. Martha also tells Jesus that she has come to believe that He is the Messiah, the Son of the living God.

Take time to be with God. Ask for the grace to be open to the kingdom. Express your desires and needs to God. God will take care of us. Trust!

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