Feasts of Sts. Martha, Mary, and Lazarus

Jer. 26:1-9 | Ps. 69:5, 8-10, 14 | Jn 11:19-27

We want to hear what we want to hear.  Seldom do we want to hear things that will bring us sadness or lack of contentment.  Jeremiah brings the people the Word of God, which tells them that they must change if they want God to take away their bondage.  They do not want to hear this.  Likewise, Jesus is not listened to because he tries to teach the people a new way, a new spirit, a new vision of love, joy, and peace.  Because he is known to the people, they dismiss him.  It is always easier to dismiss people because they are known to us.  However, God calls us to be open, to see in new ways and to realize that goodness, and newness will be worked through those people who are open to Gods work in them. 

Today, spend time looking at how receptive you are to Gods action in and through others.  Do you dismiss people because they arent the type?  Perhaps God wants you to see with new eyes.

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