Monday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Hos. 2:16, 17b-18, 21-22 Ps. 145:2-9 Mt. 9:18-26

The Gospel relates two moments of healing.  The first is the healing of the woman with the hemorrhage.  Her faith and trust is so strong that she knows that all she has to do is touch the hem of Christ’s cloak and he will heal her.  Thus it was.  Jesus also raises the daughter of the synagogue leader from death.  Jesus doesn’t care who the person is.  What Jesus looks for is faith.  The synagogue leader has deep faith in the power and ability of Jesus.  As a result both are healed. 

The first reading relates God’s deep love for the people.  He wants them to give up the worship of idols and to turn their hearts to Him.  If they do so, God promises to bestow many blessings on the people.  Most of all, God will forgive their sin and heap blessings on them instead.

How blessed we are today!  If we listen intently to today’s readings we will see or hear how much God loves us.  All we need to do is love God ourselves.  God is ever present to shower His love and blessings upon us.  Take time to reflect on these readings and on God’s love for you.  How will you live as a result of knowing God’s love for you?

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