Feast of St. Maria Goretti

Gn. 28:10-22a | Ps. 91:1-4, 14-15 | Mt. 9:18-26

In the first reading, Jacob has a dream. When he awakens he says: “Truly, the Lord is in this spot, although I did not know it! “This sentence could have been said by the Jews who did not believe in Jesus or in the miracles He performed. Two cures are performed by Jesus: the woman who had a hemorrhage for twelve years and the official’s daughter. The woman had such great faith that she knew that all she had to do was to touch the tassel of Christ’s cloak and she would be healed. The official believed in Jesus healing power; but, those who were outside the house did not. Jesus cured the girl because the father had faith.

How many times does Jesus come into our midst through events, people, places? Are we open to seeing Him in our midst, or are we skeptical and looking for God in the wrong places? Jesus is in our midst. We are called to believe as Jacob, the woman in today’s Gospel, and the official’s daughter. Be open to seeing God where you are, and God will surprise you. Believe:
“The Lord is in this spot.”

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