Feast of St. Anthony Zaccaria

Hos. 8:4-7, 11-13 | Ps. 115:3-10 | Mt. 9:32-38

Hosea speaks of the evil of the people who ignore the teachings of God.  The people build altars to foreign gods, appoint their own princes and kings and ignore all the teachings of God.  God is shown as one who is angry and will punish the people for their sins.  Yet in the Gospel we see  God’s compassion for the people by sending Jesus to cure them and bring help to all those who are helpless and hopeless.  Jesus is God’s great act of compassion for all people. He proclaims the Good News to all.  Those who listen are changed forever.

We are called to listen deeply to God’s Good News of love and compassion.  When do you spend time to hear God’s Good News?  Ten minutes each day in listening will make a great difference in your life.  You will be changed and then you will be able to bring God’s deep love and compassion to others.  Take time today to be with God.

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