Thursday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Hos. 11:1-4, 8c-9 | Ps. 80:2-3, 15-16 | Mt. 10:7-15

Both Hosea and Matthew are talking about compassion.  In Hosea, God is lamenting the fact that he has gone after Israel and each time Israel turned its back on God.  God is ready to destroy Israel but then decides that he will not because he is God.  Instead He takes compassion on Israel.  In the Gospel, Jesus is giving the apostles instructions concerning their work with the people of Israel.  Notice the words: cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons.  These are the works of mercy and they are all deeds of a lover, deeds of compassion.   Jesus further instructs the apostles that they received without payment so they were to give without payment.  What Jesus has taught the apostles they are to teach the rest of the world.  Who they are is a result of God’s gifts to them.  They are to use these gifts to help others.  Jesus instructs further by telling the apostles to go to those who are willing to accept them and not waste time with those who refuse to do so.  It is almost as though Jesus is telling them that there is much work to be done and so don’t waste energy on those who refuse to listen.

Today, consider the manner in which you go out to others.  Do you look at your interactions with others as a part of the mission that Jesus gave to the apostles?   Do you take the word of God to all you meet by extending the compassion of Jesus to them?  Do you do the same with your family and friends?  Is this your vision?  Take time to see how you could adjust your vision, your call from God.  How will you carry out this call in your daily life?

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