Thursday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Gn. 44:18-21, 23-29, 45:1-5 | Ps. 105:16-21 | Mt. 10:7-15

Genesis continues the story of Joseph and his saving of his family by granting them food in the time of famine. This is how the Israelites came to Egypt. In the Gospel, Jesus tells us that we have received much without cost, so we are to give without cost. Jesus sends His apostles to the various towns and tells them to bring peace to those towns. If that peace is not accepted, then it will come back to them. If they are not accepted, they are to leave the town and move on. It is important to realize that all we have and all we are has been given to us freely. Jesus asks us to use all these gifts to bring His Word to others. We should do all this freely and graciously.

As we see that Joseph was well cared for and that God used him to help his family, we also see that the apostles were provided with all they needed to bring God’s Word to others. Take time to reflect on your own gifts and how you use them to bring God’s Word to others. How can you continue this or do better?

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