Feast of Saint Augustine Zhao Rong

Is. 6:1-8 | Ps. 93:1-2, 5 | Mt. 10:24-33

Today’s readings are about mission.  Isaiah sees a vision and recognizes how unholy he is before God.  God sends a messenger to him and touches his mouth with an ember from the altar.  Isaiah has been cleansed from his sins.  God then asks: “Who can I send?”  And Isaiah is ready and responds: “Send me.”  Jesus tells his apostles that the job of proclaiming his mission to the people requires people who have been strengthened by God to do so.  He reminds them that they are precious in God’s sight.  Despite what may be done to them on this earth, nothing can destroy their souls, their spirits.  He reminds them that the number of the hairs on their head has been recorded.  Knowing that, how can they not realize how precious they are to God.  They are worth much more than the sparrows.  What is the Mission?  It is to acknowledge Jesus before others.  Those who do so will be rewarded and acknowledged by Jesus before the Father.  

Remember that you are chosen by God to acknowledge Jesus to others.  You do not need to be  afraid because you have been cleansed through the Waters of Baptism and  through the work of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.  Take time to think about how you teach/bring Jesus to others?  Allow yourself time to remember that you are God’s messenger in the world today.  Remember that the Spirit of God is with you to help you each moment of your life.  Make a plan for bringing Christ’s words to others today.  At the end of the day, look back on your day to see how well you kept your plan.  Make a resolution for tomorrow.

Take time to reflect on how willingly you preach the Word of God to others.  If you do not do so, spend time with Jesus and the scripture reading from Mark.  Read it and ask for the grace to be able to do so today.  Reread the Gospel and allow God to touch you further.  If time allows, reread it again and let the Word take root in your heart.  Remain faithful as Amos, Paul, and the apostles and Jesus were.

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