Tuesday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time

 1Kings 21:17-29 | Ps. 51:3-6, 11, 16 | Mt. 5:43-48

Jesus continues his admonition to live in a fashion different from those who follow the ways of the world.  Jesus calls us to live like his Father.  God’s love is for all, not just certain people.  God loves the “good” person and the “evil” person.  God extends kindness to the “good” person and the “evil” person.  God works to bring the “good” and “evil” person to Himself.  Thus, we are called to treat all in the same manner.  We are to love those who love us and those who “hate” us.  We are called to forgive those who love us and those who hate us.  This requires a different attitude from that which our world holds.  We can adopt this attitude and live by it with the help of God.  We need to go to God and ask for the grace to live by adopting His attitude. 

Today, spend time asking God for this grace.  Think of one person who has hurt you.  In your imagination, picture this person as one who is “beloved” of God.  Try to see that person as God sees him/her.  Now respond to that person with God’s love.

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