Thursday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time

  Sirach 48:1-14 | Ps. 97:1-7 | Mt. 6:7-15

Jesus continues his discourse on prayer.  Jesus tells us that it is more important for us to be attuned to God in prayer and concentrating on the meaning of our word than to say a large number of words.  Jesus also assures us that God already knows what we need; and, if we believe in God, God will hear our prayers.  Jesus teaches his disciples to pray the Our Father.  This prayer contains many attitudes that we need to live the Christian life.  When we pray the Our Father, we need to pray it from the depths of our hearts.  Because we repeat this prayer frequently it is possible that we recite it without concentrating.  The rote recitation leads us to say it with empty words.  Jesus reminds us today to stop, think and pray from the depths of our being and with conviction.  Jesus concludes his discourse today by reminding us that we must forgive others.  If we do not, then we cannot expect God to forgive us.

Today, pause before you begin to pray.  Ask God to lead you in prayer.  Also ask God for the grace to be attentive in prayer.  Say the Our Father slowly and reflectively.  What phrase seems to touch you?  Spend time with that phase.  Ask God to teach you its meaning.

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