Thursday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time

2 Cor. 11:1-11 | Ps. 111:1-4, 7-8 | Mt. 6:7-15

Paul is frustrated. His efforts with the Corinthians seem to be futile. He has taught them about Christ and the Spirit. Yet they are influenced by anyone who comes to them with a new message and seem to easily accept their teaching without testing it for the truth. Paul exhorts the people to become steadfast and not fickle. Jesus is likewise calling us to be sincere in our prayer. Our prayer must be from the heart and not simply the mere recitation of words. Jesus calls us to pray by using the words of our Father. This is a great prayer and most of us have probably recited it thousands of times. Jesus invites us to pray with thought. What does it mean to call God, Our Father? How do we forgive? Do we rely on God to give us what we need? Is God’s will first and foremost in our lives?

We are called to pray this prayer with much reflection. Spend time today in answering the questions above. Where are you challenged most? What will you do about it?

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