Saturday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time

2Chr. 24:17-25 | Ps. 89:4-5, 29-34 | Mt. 6:24–34

Jesus calls us to recognize that we are not able to divide our allegiances.  We cannot love God  if we also love money, clothing, etc.  What this means is that we cannot have a divided heart.  Jesus tells us not to worry about things, events, etc.  Instead, Jesus invites us to put all our trust in God.  We are reminded that God takes care of the birds, the grass, all of creation.  If God does so for these things, would God not do the same for us?  Surely, God who loves us immensely would also be sure to provide for us.  Unfortunately, we do otherwise.  We are called to seek God first and know that doing so, all will be taken care of.  How much easier our lives would be if we did so.

Pause to reflect on how God has taken care of you since your birth.  If God has been faithful for all this time, will God stop being faithful in the future?  Ask to grow in trust.

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