Feast of St. Romuald

2Cor. 12:1-10 | Ps. 34:8-13 | Mt. 6:24-34

Paul is boasting about the good things God has done for him. He recognizes that all has come from God. He also recognizes his own need for God’s help when he realizes that something is a “thorn in his flesh.” Paul prays to be relieved but God tells him that when he is weak, then God will be strong in him. Thus Paul is invited to rely on God for all the graces he needs each day of his life.

Today, Jesus invites us to look to God for everything we need. Jesus invites us to give all our worries over to God. The birds of the air, the flowers, the grass, etc. are all taken care of by God. If God takes care of these things what will he do for people? Jesus tells us that God will provide for us as well. Look back on your life. See that you always had what you needed. God has provided for you in the past. Why wouldn’t God provide for you now?

Do you rely on God for all you need to help you in your daily living of the gospel? Or do you rely on your own strength? How do you depend on God for help in raising your children? Ask Jesus and Paul to help you grow in reliance on the strength and courage from God.

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