Feast of St. Marcllinus and Peter

Tb. 3:1-11a, 16-17 | Ps. 25:2-9 | Mk. 12:18-27

Jesus is questioned concerning the woman who had seven husbands. Who’s wife will she be when she goes to heaven? Jesus clarifies this matter immediately by telling his interrogators that God is God of the living not the dead. Therefore, there is no such thing as marriage in heaven. We will all have our places in heaven. Tobit continues the story of his crying out to God in his time of need. At the very same time there is a woman, Sarah by name, who on the day she is betrothed the young man dies. The maid ridicules Sarah, and she is tempted to commit suicide. However, she comes to her senses and cries out to God for help. The reading tells us that both Tobit and Sarah were beseeching God at the same time, and God heard their cries.

God is the God of the living, those living on earth and those living in heaven. God cares for each of us no matter what difficulty we may be experiencing. God will respond to our cries for help. Take time to be with God this day and express your joys and your sorrows. Ask God for the help you need right now. Believe that God will come to your aid.

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