Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jb. 38:1, 8-11 | Ps. 107:23-26, 28-31 | 2Cor. 5:14-17 | Mk 4:35-41

The Gospel is a story of faith. The Apostles have taken Jesus to the boat after a long day of work, teaching the people about God. Jesus’ exhaustion can be seen in the fact that He is not wakened by the terrible storm on the sea. The apostles are witnessing what is happening and grow quite disturbed and full of fear. Their faith that their lives will be spared is tested. It is a vast storm, the water is coming into their boat, and the waves are strong and constant. They fear for their lives. Jesus seems not to be disturbed by the storm. He has fallen asleep and is not disturbed. Out of their great concern, the apostles waken Jesus and ask if He can be so unconcerned when the storm is so violent. Jesus comes to their aid and calms the storm.

These apostles have not come to a full faith in Jesus. They are, as we would be, frightened out of their wits. They obviously believe that Jesus can save them, because they waken Him. However since the storm is so violent, they are tested and in some way fall short. However, as Jesus calms the actual storm, the storm within their being is also calmed. They are now on the side of belief.

If you were in similar circumstances, how would you react? What does that tell you about your faith? Take time to mull over this story and see with whom you identify. What might you need to learn about your trust of Jesus? Ask for the grace to grow daily in your faith.

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