Tuesday of the Twelfth week in Ordinary Time

Gn. 13:2, 5-18 | Ps. 15:2-5 | Mt. 7:6, 12-14

Abram and Lot have grown rich and have many flocks since they moved to Canaan. Their herders begin to quarrel. In order to prevent great disorder among their people, Abram and Lot decide to separate so that both will have sufficient land. God continues to promise Abram to provide him with great prosperity.

Jesus reminds His apostles and disciples to respect their treasures. While it appears that Jesus is talking about physical, tangible treasures, He is really reminding us to take great care of our spiritual treasures. The gifts that are ours must be recognized as fragile and be nurtured, protected and developed. What gifts might these be? Faith, love, wisdom, prayer, peace, joy, etc. are all treasures given us by God. None of these can be taken for granted. We must treasure them and practice them daily or they may be lost. God desires to be in a relationship of love with us. This relationship requires us to develop. We are the second party in this relationship. We must take time to be with God in prayer each day. We need to practice being peaceful, joyful, loving people. This is the way we treasure our gifts.

Take time today to consider how you take care of all your gifts. How do you practice your faith? Do you spend time in prayer each day? How will you work towards treasuring your spiritual gifts?

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