Feast of St. Paulinus

 2Kings 22:8-13, 23:1-3 | Ps. 119:33-37, 40 | Mt.7:15-20

 We are told to beware of false prophets.  Who is a prophet today?  Each of us is called to lead others. The first reading speaks about the people who did not listen to the word of God.  Because of this, the next generation is ignorant of the Word.  However, we have a way to know what we are to do.  When we see the actions of others that do not result in peace, joy, love, compassion, etc., we will know that these actions are not coming out of a spirt that is in keeping with the Spirit of God.  Likewise, actions that result in peace, joy, love, compassion, etc., are the result of listening to and following the Spirit of God.   Thus we are able to distinguish between who will lead us to God and those who will not.  Likewise, we can look at our own actions.  Those that result in peace are deeds that are in keeping with God’s Word.  

Stop for a few minutes today to reflect on your day.  Where did you have peace?  Where did you experience turmoil?  What can you do to change the turmoil?  Ask God to lead you to find a way  to change.  Give thanks to God for all the ways God acts in your life.

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