Feast of St. Cyril of Alexandria

Amos 2:6-10, 13-16 | Ps. 50:16b-23 | Mt. 8:18-22

We hear Jesus tell us what the essentials are if we are to follow Him.  The first is to realize that if we are to choose to follow in the footsteps of Christ that we will not be able to claim anything as our home.  We must be willing to go out to spread the Good News and that will usually take us beyond our comfort zone, our home.  Jesus tells us that He has no place to lay His head.  This is not always literally the case in our lives.  However, to follow Christ means to give up the comfort of knowing exactly how much we will be called upon, how much we will need to sacrifice our time, talent or treasure.  But we must be willing to do so at a moment’s notice and at times that are not always convenient for us.  This is also what Jesus means when he tells us that we should allow the dead to bury the dead.

How flexible are you?  How willingly do you share your gifts with others?  Do you share all your gifts or just certain ones?   How might God be inviting you to share more?

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