Feast of St. Charles of Lwanga

Tb. 6:10-11, 7:1, 9-17, 8:4-9a | Ps. 128:1-5 | Mk. 12:28-34

The story of Tobit continues. God sends Rafael, the Archangel, to help both Tobit and Sarah. Rafael meets Tobias, the son of Tobit, on his journey. They step in to see Raquel, Sarah’s father. Tobias asks Raquel for Sarah as his wife. Raquel tries to warn Tobias about the death of the seven husbands but Tobias insists. Before Tobias and Sarah retire for the day, they kneel down and pray to God asking for God’s blessings on their marriage.

The Gospel relates the story of Jesus’ being questioned concerning the greatest commandment. The Pharisees try anything to find a way to trap Jesus. Jesus is very aware of their motives and as usual is able to respond by asking His own question. It is important that we hear the response: “Love God above all things and your neighbor as well as yourself. Love is the missing element behind all war, family disputes, and injustices in our world. We see the love exhibited in the first reading. Tobias and Sarah have love for God first and then for one another. When we place our priorities in the right order, our lives will be blessed.

Consider your priorities. Is God first? Do you love others at home, work, relatives, neighbors as you love yourself? What change do you need to make? Decide on one action today and carry it out.

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