Feast of St. Charles Lwanga and Companions

Acts 25:13b-21 |Ps. 103:1-2, 11-12, 19-20b | John 21:15-19

Jesus has appeared to the apostles at the Sea of Tiberias.  He has taken the role of servant once again and prepared breakfast for them.  After breakfast, Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves  Him.  Peter is hurt by this.  However, it is almost as if Jesus takes this time to ask Peter if he loves Him so that Peter will be healed from his three-fold denial at the trial of Jesus.  While Peter may be offended at first, he will be healed through his threefold response of love.  Jesus tells Peter that he is blessed, will be called to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and suffer for Him.  Peter probably didn’t understand all that Jesus said until the events unfolded in His life.  Likewise, Jesus asks us if we love Him.  We are called to let go of all that keeps us from following Jesus fully.  We must walk the path that Jesus walked whether that is a path of joy or one of sorrow.  

We may not do what we would prefer, but God wants us to give all to Him.  The promise of God’s presence endures for all time.  We see Paul’s response to God in the Acts.

Allow these words of Jesus to penetrate you.  What is your response?  Will you love Jesus all ways, always?  Or will you love Jesus only when it is easy?  Pray for the grace to respond “lovingly” to Christ’s words and actions. 

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