Feast of the First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church

Amos 7:10-17 | Ps. 19:8 -11 | Mt. 9:1-8

Both of our readings show the people’s rejection of those who were sent to bring them to God.  Amos is rejected by the King who does not want to hear the negative things he is preaching.  The king tries to run Amos out of town.   Amos’ response is that he was a dresser of sycamore trees and God took him away to be a prophet.  Because the king doesn’t listen, suffering is experienced.  Likewise, Jesus’ good deeds are criticized by the leaders of the Jews.  These leaders see how Christ is bringing about healing and so they reject Christ.  The leaders pick up on Jesus’ words of forgiveness of sins rather than seeing the healing that takes place as a result of Jesus’ deeds.

When good things occur, do you reject those deeds and the people who perform them?  Do you listen to those who call you to see where God wants you to change?  Is it too difficult to see that there are areas of your life that need to be changed?  Perhaps, God is calling you to grow in relationship with Him, your family, your neighbors.  Take time to look at those things that prevent you from hearing God today.  Ask God for the courage to hear the Word of God spoken to you through others.  God will be with you on this journey.

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