Friday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Tb. 11:5-17 | Ps. 146:1-2, 6-10 | Mk. 12:35-37

Tobias returns home after obtaining gall from a fish to heal his father’s sight. Raphael tells Tobias what to do. As soon as Tobias pours the gall on Tobit’s eyes, he is able to peel the white film off his eyes. Tobit’s eyesight is restored, and he gives thanks to God for this great favor.

Jesus is teaching in the temple. He asks the people: “How can the scribes say that the Messiah is the son of David? David himself, by the Holy Spirit, declared,
“The Lord said to my Lord, “Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet.”
“David himself calls him Lord so how can he be his son?” Jesus captures the attention of the people and they delight in him.

We are called to believe in the power of God. We are called to believe that God will help us as God helped Tobias, Tobit, Sarah and generations of people before them and after them to the present time. God asks us to place out trust in God and God will provide for us. Take time to examine your trust in God and God will provide for us. Ask God for the grace to trust more.

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