Feast of St. Boniface

Tb. 12:1, 5-15, 20 | Ps: Tb. 13:2-6; 7-8 | Mk. 12:38-447

Tobit wants to reward Raphael for all he has done for him and his family. When he attempts to do so, Raphael reveals who he is. He tells Tobit and Tobias that is more important to give praise and thanks to God than it is to do penance. He also affirms their good works by telling them that these good deeds of helping others are what God desires more than acts of sacrifice. Jesus reiterated this message over and over again. Tobit follows the direction of the archangel Rafael and gives thanks to God for all that God has done for him.

Jesus talks about this same theme of giving thanks and praise to God rather than looking for the admiration of others as the scribes do. Jesus is rather stern in His condemnation of the scribes. That is because these people looked to be admired and given places of honor at the same time that they harmed widows and other poor people. Jesus also praises the widow who puts two copper coins into the treasury while the rich put in small amounts. This widow gave all she had while the rich gave out of their abundance.

Take time to see how often you give thanks to God for all you have. Do you give thanks and praise willingly as the poor widow did or miserly as the rich did?

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