Monday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time

2Cor. 1:1-7 | Ps. 34:2-9 | Mt. 5:1-12

Paul is calling the Corinthians to recognize that Christ is in their midst and comes to their aid in all times–those of affliction as well as those of great joy. Paul tells them that He also has lived among them as a living example to give them additional help. Jesus teaches us that the values which are important for success in the world are not necessarily important for living the life of Christ. Rather, Jesus teaches us to live by the Beatitudes, a whole new way of living. In one way or another we are being challenged to examine the way we live. We are challenged to realize that at the heart of our lives is the life of God. Without God, we would not have or be who we are. God calls us to give thanks for these gifts and to share all of them with others.

Pray the beatitudes. Which one causes you to stop and wonder how you could live it better? Begin to do so today.

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