Feast of St. Ephrem

2Cor. 3:4-11 | Ps. 99:5-9 | Mt. 5:17-19

The message of today’s reading is that we are called to live by the commandments of God. The most important way to do so is to live by the spirit of the law. This is what Paul is teaching in today’s letter to the Corinthians. Since we have been freed from a “letter of the law” mentality through the gift of the Holy Spirit, we are called to live the commandments through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit has come to teach us the spirit of the law which is first and foremost love. Jesus teaches us that these laws are not abolished but fulfilled; and, this is what He taught when He taught us that it is Love of God and love of neighbor which are the foundation of all we do. If we love God and neighbor then we know what the Spirit of all the commandments is about.

Take time to reflect on these commandments. How well do you love? Do you exclude anyone from your love? How will you begin to work towards loving that person? Begin to do so now

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