Feast of St. Ephrem

1Kings 18:41-46 | Ps. 65:10-13 | Mt. 5:20-26

Jesus explains what He means by living the spirit of the law.  He tells us not to be angry with others, not to insult others, not to call others “fools.”  This is what it means to love others.  It means living in a manner so as to see God in the face of my neighbor and to treat my neighbor as I would treat myself.  Jesus even goes as far as to say: “If you are offering your gift at the altar, and remember that someone has something against you, leave your gift at the altar and go, be reconciled, and then offer your gift.”  Notice, Jesus is talking about someone who has something against you.  You are asked to take the first step and forgive.  This is not what our world teaches us; but, it is Christ’s call to us to love.

Does anyone hold anything against you?  Decide how you can go to them and be reconciled.  Plan the process and do so as soon as possible.  Remember, you may be received well, but Jesus doesn’t promise this.  His requirement is that we take the first step in reconciliation.  Pray for the person before and after you seek this reconciliation.

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