Monday of the Second Week of Lent

Readings: Dan.9:4-10| Ps. 79: 8 – 9, 11, 13 | Lk. 6:36-38

The Book of Daniel finds Daniel praying on behalf of the people who have come to the realization that they have sinned; and, because of that sin and bad choices they have made, they are suffering. Daniel asks God for forgiveness. Jesus reminds us that we are to be merciful just as God is merciful. Jesus invites us into the life of God by acting with mercy, forgiveness and non-judgementalism. Most of us react when we are injured, treated badly, or judged unjustly by others. Jesus is inviting us to let go of all of this and take on new glasses, new vision. We are asked to treat others as we would like to be treated. Most of us would like to be given a second chance and not be judged by our external appearances, our education, etc. Jesus tells us if we would like to be treated this way, then we must be willing to act this way first. Having been kind, merciful, forgiving, we will also be shown kindness, mercy and forgiveness.

Today, consider how you relate to people at work, your family, your friends. How do you interact with them? How might you be called to change this? Make a concerted effort to do so today.

Think of God’s love for you. This is the call of Lent. Come to recognize all that God has done for you and promises to do for you. Accept that love of God. Allow yourself to realize that God has gone to all lengths to prove His love for you and will go to all lengths to continue to love you. Spend time with God today in response to this love. “Listen to Him.”

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