Feast of St. Casimir

  1Peter 1:10-16 | Ps. 98:1-4 | Mark 10:28-31

Following up on yesterday’s Gospel, Peter asks Christ what will happen to him and the other apostles who have given up everything to follow Him.  Jesus assures them that they will be blessed not only in this life but also in heaven.  However, He gives a zinger at the end and that is: “Many who are first will be last, and the last will be first.”  What is Jesus referring to here?  Is it perhaps a call once again to realize that we do not have any claim to fame.  Is it a call to us to realize that all gifts come from God and will be blessed accordingly?  Is Jesus also trying to tell us that it doesn’t matter how long we have followed Him if we have not given it all to him in spirit?  Those who follow the call after us and do so fully will perhaps be ahead of us if we don’t have the Spirit of God in us and directing us.

What is the quality of your following of Christ?  Are you open to the Spirit of God; and, do you allow God to lead you?  Do you act as though all things come from you and you deserve to be appreciated because of what you have?  

Do you recognize that God is the giver of all gifts, spiritual and material?  Give thanks to God for all your gifts.

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