Tuesday of the Third Week of Lent

 Dn. 3:25, 34-43 | Ps. 25:4-9 | Mt. 18:21-35

Daniel related the story of the young men who refused to offer false worship to other gods and were put into a burning furnace.  From the fiery furnace the young men pray to God and ask to be saved.  God preserves them for their faithfulness.  The gospel tells the story of the servant who is forgiven a huge debt by the king.  Yet when the servant is approached by fellow servants and is asked to give forgiveness to them, this same man refuses to do so.  When the king hears the story of his refusal, he had the servant thrown into jail.  We are called to imitate both the king and the men in the furnace.  God forgives us each day of our lives.  When we receive the abundant love of God, we are called to return thanks for that forgiveness and to pass that forgiveness on to others.

Are there any persons in your life whom you have not forgiven?  Do you hold grudges against anyone?  Take time to allow the message of Christ fill you today and work towards forgiving all who have offended you.  You will be freer yourself as a result.

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