Feast of St. Patrick

Is. 49:8-15 | Ps. 145:8-9, 13-14, 17-18 | Jn. 5:17-30

Jesus was ever faithful to the Father and thus always told the truth. Because Jesus openly talked about God as His Father and equated Himself with the Father, the Pharisees and other leaders rejected Him, accused Him of blasphemy and did all they could to find a way to crucify Him. Imagine the anxiety, the jealousy, the hard heartedness of these people that kept them from hearing all the Good News about new life that Jesus tried to bring to them. What is it that they bring?

Pause to consider others in your life. How open to them are you? Do you accept them because they dress, act, and speak as you do? Or do you reject them because they are different? Do you hear the Good News which Jesus offers you? Are you closed to these words because they require you to have a changed heart? Ask Christ to touch your heart and bring you the gift of openness to His Word.

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