Feast of St. Turibius of Mogrovejo

Numbers 21:4-9 | Ps. 102:2-3, 16-21 | John 8:21-30

Jesus came to heal all and to bring all to eternal life. Those who constantly attack Him and refuse to listen to Jesus are once again attacking Him. Jesus tells them that unless they believe in Him, they will die in their sins. We are called to pay attention to these words today. We must seek God in all things. We are called to turn over all the areas of our hearts and lives to God. If we do, we will be healed. If we refuse to do so, then we will be untouched by God and the possibility of death is there. This is because we are not be turned towards God. Our orientation is towards materials and other possessions. Remember the readings from the beginning of Lent.

In what way do I refuse to listen to the Word of God? What areas of my life do I try to hide from God? Take time today to be with God and turn over all the areas of your life to God. Spend some time in gratefulness at the end of your prayer.

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