Feast of St. Casimir

Readings: Jer. 17:5-10 | Ps. 1:1-4, 6 | Lk. 16:19-31

Today we are invited to place our trust in God and God’s deeds and to share the richness of God’s gifts with all. Jeremiah reminds us that we are indeed called to remember who we are and that all we are comes from God. When we live and act in this manner, we will be blessed as a result. The rich man is an example for us. He had much wealth and many materials. He obviously lacked very little in reference to the goods of this world. Yet, he still ignored those who were around him and lacked much. It would have cost the rich man very little if he were to go out to help Lazarus. We are all called to examine how we share the treasures of our being with those who do not have what we do. Perhaps we are too closed in on ourselves that we don’t see those who are in need. God invites us to look at our lives and to go out to others. We probably do not have to look very far to find those who are in our very midst.

Take time to see how far your service extends. Do you go out to others, or are you serving only those who are in your midst, your circle? Make time to go out to help those who are in need physically, spiritually and intellectually.

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