Saturday after Ash Wednesday

Is. 58:9b-14 | Ps. 86:1-6 | Lk. 5:27-32

Jesus calls Levi to follow him.  Levi leaves everything instantly.  The Pharisees ask Jesus why he spends time with sinners.  Jesus responds that He has come to call sinners not those who are righteous and do not need Him.   What He is trying to teach us is that we must have open hearts in order to hear Him.  He has come to bring all people to himself.   Those who have hard hearts and don’t admit their own need will not be able to hear Jesus.  That is the challenge for us today.  Will we keep our hearts soft and pliable so that Jesus can touch us, or will we be hard hearted?

Ask Jesus to touch your heart so that you can hear his voice and respond with love.  Take time to be alone, at least for a few minutes, to allow Jesus to speak to you.  Accept His love and respond in love.

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