First Sunday of Lent

Deut. 26:4-10 | Ps. 91:1-2, 10-15 | Rom. 10:8-13 | Lk. 4:1-13

Today, the first Sunday of Lent, we have the Gospel from Luke which tells us of Jesus’ temptations by the Devil.  Jesus is led by the Spirit, who came upon Him at His Baptism, to go into the desert for prayer.  Jesus listens to that Spirit.  Through this same Spirit, He is given the strength to resist the devil and the temptations placed before Him. It is important to realize that Jesus was inspired by the Holy Spirit.  It is also important to see that Jesus listened to and followed those inspirations.  Having listened to God in prayer, Jesus was given all that He needed to resist the temptations presented to Him.  We are called to spend time with God during this Season of Lent.  We are invited to deepen our relationship with God and, in so doing, will also be given all the gifts we need to respond to God’s call and resist the temptations for power, money, prestige, etc.

Spend time with this Gospel today.   Be with Jesus in the desert.  Ask Him for the grace to listen to Him and spend time with Him in prayer during Lent.  Ask for the grace you need most.

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