Third Sunday of Lent

Ex. 20:1-17 | Ps. 19:8-11 | 1Cor. 1:22-25 | John 2:13-25

Today we find Jesus responding to those who desecrate the temple by selling goods there. The leaders of the Jews have set this up so as to make a profit. Jesus sees how hard their hearts are and how far they have drifted from the truth. The Jews become indignant not so much because of the action of Jesus but because their profit making is upset. The letter to the Corinthians bridges the first reading and the Gospel by calling us to remember that Christ was a stumbling block to those who want profit. Paul reminds us that Christ is the power and wisdom of God. God’s wisdom goes beyond anything that we could imagine.

How do you look upon the worship of God? Do you treat the house of God as holy? How do you treat others? Are they seen as holy? What can you do today to treat God and people with great holiness?

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