Feast of St. Joseph, the Worker

Acts 13:44-52 | Ps. 98:1-4 | John 14:7-14

Jesus continues the dialogue with the apostles. He tells them that if they know Him, then they know the Father. Philip asks Jesus to show them the Father and then they will be satisfied. Jesus seems annoyed. “Philip, have I been with you all this time, and you still do not know me?” Jesus wants us to believe with the eyes of faith. It is very easy to accept what can be physically proven and touched; but, when we are asked to believe the word and actions of another as proof, it is harder. Yet that is the test of faith. Faith is operative when we are called to believe even when we can’t see. In prayer, we talk to God, whom we cannot see, asking Him to bring us various gifts and graces. We do so, believing that God hears us and will respond.

What is the quality of your faith? Do you listen to the Word of God that is spoken in scripture through various persons, places and events? Ask God for a deepening of your faith in God. Listen to the words spoken by Jesus in this reading from John. What touches you most in a positive or negative way? This is where God wants you to grow. Talk to Jesus about these events.

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