Third Sunday of Easter

Acts 5:27-32, 40-41 | Ps. 30:2, 4-6, 11-13 | Rv. 5:11-14 | Jn. 21:1-14

The Sunday readings during the Easter Season are filled with great hope and joy.  The Acts of the Apostles recount the manner in which the apostles are abused by the Jewish court.  These are the very same men who ran away a few weeks before this.  The imposition of the Holy Spirit has strengthened them and given them the courage they need to remain faithful.  The second reading from Revelations gives us a small glimpse of the manner in which we will be giving praise to God not only in heaven but surely right now as we give thanks and praise to God.  The Gospel is the wonderful resurrection story of Jesus on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias giving directions to the tired fishermen concerning the place to catch their fish.  Jesus then gives us another example of compassion and service.  He cooks breakfast.  Finally we see Jesus grilling Peter as to whether Peter loved him.  Peter become agitated when he has been asked a third time if he loves Jesus.  To the third response Jesus tells Peter to follow him.  In effect, Jesus was calling Peter to be the leader of the Apostles and head of the Church.

What a powerful Gospel story this is!  We are called to walk with Christ today.  Take time to be with Jesus in this scene.  Hear Christ ask you: “Do you love me?”  Respond to Christ’s invitation and take positive steps to follow in Christ’s path.

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