Feast of St. John of the Cross

Acts 11:19-26 | Ps. 87:1-7  | John 10:22-30

Jesus continues to refer to Himself as the shepherd.  He tells the Pharisees that His sheep know and hear His voice. They follow Him and will have eternal life.  This is Christ’s response to the Pharisees’ question as to when Jesus will tell them if He is the Messiah or not.  The apostles are reported in Acts as going out to the world outside Jerusalem to Antioch and Cyprus.  They bring the Word of God to these people who listen and follow.  Those who have ears to Hear, “listen.”

Take time today to listen to the words of love and care that Jesus utters on your behalf.   Have ears that Hear.  Don’t try to rationalize, just accept.  Jesus will touch your Heart if you allow Him to do so.

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