Thursday of the Sixth Week of Easter; Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Acts 18:1-8 | Ps. 98:1-4 | Jn. 16:16-20

In both readings, we see how Jesus and Paul are attacked by those who do not believe. It is as though the people are too attached to one way of thinking, being, and doing. Therefore when they are approached with a new way of thinking, being, and doing, they are no longer able to be receptive. Instead their intent is to criticize, break down, and make unreal what Jesus/Paul try to teach them. Jesus is foretelling His death and resurrection. The people cannot understand and thus turn away.

Take time to reflect on your own openness to the Word of God. Do you have fixed ideas as to what God desires of you? Are you open to the surprises God might put in your path? Ask for the grace of openness of mind and heart to be able to hear where God is calling you and to be able to respond positively.

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