Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter

Acts 14:5-18 | Ps. 115:1-4, 15-16 | John 14:21-26

Jesus tells us that those who love Him will keep His word and the Father will love them.  He further promises that both He and the Father will come to them and make their home in them.  The opposite is also true.  It seems rather simple at first glance.  But it is somewhat more than just keeping the commandments.  Jesus is telling us to obey all that He has taught and that includes loving everyone from the depths of our Hearts.  It means allowing God to reign in us and through us.  It means loving even when it hurts to love.  It means forgiving all and asking forgiveness for ourselves.  Paul and Barnabas give us another example of obeying the Word.  When the people try to make gods out of them, Paul turns them around and teaches them what God wants of them.

Stop for a few minutes.  Ask God to help you to realize what real love is and what it means to carry out His will.  Remain quiet so you can hear what God asks of you.  Think of someone you find hard to love.  Bring them to Jesus and ask Him to help you to love them as He wants you to love.

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