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2604, 2022

Familiarity with the Lord

HOMILY OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS ("Familiarity with the Lord") The disciples were fishermen: indeed, Jesus had called them when [...]

Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Easter

Acts 15:1-6 | Ps. 122:1-5 | John 15:1-8

The Gospel brings us back to the idea of being branches on the vine of Christ.  Jesus assures us that we do need to be pruned in order to be brought closer to Him.   The pruning has to do with listening to God’s word and allowing ourselves to be changed by that Word.  We may not know exactly what we need to change; but, through careful attentive listening to the Word of God, we will come to know and receive the grace to change.

Today, allow Christ full reign over your life.  Invite Him to call you to new life and heal you.  Be open.  Allow yourself to be surprised.  Respond with all your being.  Go out to others and bring that Good News to them. 

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