Saturday of the Fifth Week of Easter

Acts 16:1-10 | Ps. 100:1b, 2, 3, 5 | John 15:18-21

Jesus refers to the world in this passage.  The world seems to mean those who have chosen not to open their hearts to Him.  So our first call today is to open our Hearts to Christ and not reject what He has taught us.  He has called us to listen to the word of love and to accept that love and bring it to the world.  If we are open to this word, then we must know that those who are not will oppose us as they opposed Christ.  We are not greater than Christ, so we cannot expect to be treated differently.  That is the call of the Christian–to love as Christ loved even to the point of giving up our lives for others.

Rejection may not consist of anything great.  More than likely we won’t be put to death; but, we may have to put up with rejection at work, among certain groups, etc.  We may have to accept ridicule from family or co-workers because we don’t go along with their actions.  Take these times of rejection and ridicule to Christ.  Ask Him to heal the wounds and give you strength to remain firm.  Go a step further and bring the persons who hurt you to Christ in prayer.  Forgive them, and ask Christ to heal them as well.

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