Feast of St. Augustine of Canterbury

Sir. 42:15-25 | Ps. 33:2-9 | Mk. 10:46-52

In today’s Gospel, Jesus asks: “What is it you want me to do for you?” The man replied: “Master, I want to see.” What is it that you are longing for in the deepest recesses of your being? Do you know? We need to spend time in silence, in prayer in order to come to hear what we need, truly need, in the depths of our being. Having identified what it is that you need, are you willing to ask Jesus for it? The gift of physical sight is one type of sight. The gift of spiritual sight is another. We all need this gift. We need to desire to have that sight. Jesus told the blind man, “Your faith has saved you.” Jesus will gift us in a similar manner if we have faith.

Take time to see what gift you need in your daily life. With faith, ask Jesus for that gift. Know that God will grant you the gift. Be sure you also take time to figure out what that gift will look like in your life when you receive it.

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