Feast of Augustine of Canterbury

Acts 18:9-18 | Ps. 47:2-7 | John 16:20-23

Jesus is continuing His talk to the apostles at the last supper.  He is trying to tell them what is about to happen.  He assures them that they will experience pain, sorrow, and rejection soon but they will later experience deep joy and happiness.  As a woman experiences great joy after the pain of childbirth, so the apostles will experience great joy after the pain and loss of Christ and the birth of the Church.  We see Paul experiencing this as he travels to preach the Good News.  Some accept him, but try to have him arrested.  But it is by the power of the Holy Spirit that sustains  him as he ministers in the name of Christ.

Place yourself at the last supper and consider what Jesus is trying to say to the apostles.  Listen intently to Jesus’ words.  Allow their power, their gift to touch you.  What might Christ be calling you to do in your daily living to bring His word to others?  How will you do this?

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