Saturday of the Sixth Week of Easter

Acts 18:23-28 | Ps. 47:2-3, 8-10 | John 16 23-28

Jesus assures His apostles that the Father loves them as He loves Jesus.  Jesus tells the apostles that they are to ask for what they need from the Father in His name, and the Father will grant them their requests.  The Father will do so because He loves the apostles just as Jesus loved them.  Jesus continues to prepare the apostles for His departure by telling them that He has come from God and is going back to God.

How assuring Jesus is.  We need only believe in Him and in God.  If we do believe and ask for that we need in Jesus’ name, then we will receive it. In doing so, we must remember that God does not give anything to us that will harm us.  We need to believe and trust in God’s deep love for us.

Take time today to be with Jesus and the Father.  Ask God to grant you the grace to know what  you need as you strive to live each day according to God’s will.  Ask for the grace to love as God loves.  Be with God in quiet so that you will be able to hear what God is saying.

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