Feast of the Visitation of Mary

Zep. 3:14-18 | Is. 12:2-6 | Luke 1:39-56

Today is the Feast of the Visitation. The Church celebrates this great event when Mary went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, to help her out. When Mary greets Elizabeth, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb jumps for joy. Mary does not accept any acclamation for herself. She responds by praying an old prayer of the Jewish people and gives all the credit to God. Her joy is beyond description. This is what Zephaniah is talking about in the first reading in calling all the people to rejoice and exult God as on a festival. God has come in their midst, and the only fitting response is joy and exaltation. Paul seems to be calling the Romans to live out this call to love and joy by living in that joy and showing one another honor and proper affection.

Spend time with Mary and Elizabeth today and consider the great joy they both have in knowing God’s great action in their lives. Consider the kindness of Mary towards Elizabeth. How might you show kindness to others today? Is there anyone who is lonely or suffering in your family, your neighborhood, at work? Go out to them to comfort them and bring some joy to their lives.

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