Love Without Borders: Connect With a Mommy

Our goal is to share encouragement and gentle accompaniment. This Ministry invites QOP families to connect with an expectant mother who is experiencing the reality of an unplanned pregnancy.  QOP families would be thoughtfully “matched” and asked to be a listening ear to provide their mommy with emotional support and direction as they decide and begin to parent or to adopt.   This Ministry is about sharing the faith, hope and love of GOD.  It is about these individuals having someone to talk to, building up their self-worth and self-respect, and that it is still possible (even if more challenging) for them to realize their goals, dreams and aspirations.  It is about showing them love…like Jesus with the Woman at the Well.  Even though the road ahead may not be easy, we help them see that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible with GOD.  Please phone the office for more information.

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